22 February 2021

When You Hear the Divine Call, the second film of Festus Toll, is now screening at NFF in the debut competition. Everybody who knows mint knows that Festus Toll has forever been one of our favorite directors we have watched ever since he left Helmond city and St. Joost academy. He is The Homeless Child, the prettiest (we are gifted with sight), but foremost, one of the most thrilling and exciting filmmakers we have. You can now watch this film online for only 0,99 cents. And to celebrate the film, Festus and his sweet producer Jasper Boon, mint film office will pay 99 tickets of 0,99 cents for 99 viewers. So, treat yourself and be our guest. And if you don’t know, now you know. Link in bio. (Still thinking about how to refund the ticket. Anybody a suggestion? Tikkie?)

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