02 April 2020

New on our mint film corona channel: Filthy Fingers. As we said before, in times of Corona morals become fluid. Christian countries, usually strict and conservative when it comes to sex do’s, and don’ts, now promote video dating and (hygienic) masturbation in these times of fear of fluids. At mint film, we have never been afraid of filthy fingers. So, as promised, we added a new documentary on our corona channel: Filthy Fingers by Dutch filmmaker Appolonia Duijster. In this 15 min film she gets her girlfriends to talk about masturbation to find out how far you should go in sharing these private topics. But also: are the things we do that weird or gross, or does everyone do them? Link in bio @mintfilmoffice @whoisappie #documentary #mintfilmofficecoronachannel

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