19 September 2022

Beeld en Geluid has invited mint film office to speak at Nederland Film Festival about working with archive film in our documentary Fortuyn. We gladly accepted the invitation. And, for the first time, we will be showing two short clips of scenes. So please join us next Sunday, 25 September 2022, from 15.30 - 17.00. The tickets are crazy expensive, 19,50 euros, so mint film office has ten tickets for people with limited means. So mail us if you want to come, and you are sure you will come; first come, first served! The other guest speaker is the writer-director of Het Jaar van Fortuyn en Dirty Lines, Pieter Bart Korthuis.

For us, Fortuyn is the first time we have worked so extensively with archive footage. Admittedly, it came at a cost as we reinvented the wheel and never really discussed our megalomanic plans with experienced parties. But let bygones be bygones. Our main story of working with archive footage is the awareness that archive databases are not neutral. Each archive has a history of its own that has shaped the selection and description of the broadcast material it holds and the underlying logic of the classification and filing system of the archive. So for filmmakers to use an archive as a representation of how our history indeed was can be flawed. Narratives depend on who is recounting.

We are coming in a pack, looking forward to seeing you there!

Datum: zondag 25 september
Tijd: 15:30 - 17:00
Locatie: Stadsschouwburg - Hekmanfoyer
Prijs: €19,50 regulier, €13,50 studenten
Taal: Nederlands

Fortuyn is a mint film office production in cooperation with KRO-NCRV and financially supported by NPO, KRO-NCRV, NPO-Fund, the Democracy and Media Foundation, Netherlands Film Production Incentive, and the Municipality of Rotterdam.

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