17 November 2020

1 day till IDFA, and this must be the craziest one. Very confronting too because now it is out in the open that all those years we were there to drink, hang out and hook up and not necessarily to watch films. Never the less, we will join online and drink at home and flip through old pictures of past years. Have a quiet smoke on our balcony. Dear IDFA, have a good one. We love you, and will always love you. Till we meet again in the flesh, mint. 1 Shamira Raphael eating vegetarian bitterballen, 2 Anne van Campenhout and her Special Mention for Foreplay, 3 premiere Marina Meijer Carrousel, 4 diner at Cafe Amsterdam with Shamira Raphaela, Jefrim Rothuizen, David Spanish, Vincent Boy Kars, 5 premiere Eef Hilgers Kids & Docs, 6 screening Antonio Lopez with programmer Raul Nino Zambrano, 7 mint winning best dutch documentary with ‘Now something is slowly changing’, 8 David Spanish asleep before award night in Stadsschouwburg, 9 Ally Derks knighted, 10 premiere Independent Boy by Vincent Boy Kars, 11 eating meaty sandwiches at Broodje van Kootje, 12 Rosa Duvekot and Max Joakim Diezenberg with the ‘Now something is slowly changing’ IDFA Award, 13 eating Kentucky Fries after award night with Meike Statema, Laura van Halsema, Orwa Nyrabia, 14 Meike and Anna Pedroli having diner in Scheltema Cafe, 15 Orwa Nyrabia opening norm core style, 16 ticket bar in Eye, 17 Mei Ling Djoa! then Cinema Delicatessen, 18 Meike and Dymme Plomp doing phone calls, 19 Michiel Brongers presenting Kids & Docs, 20 editor Albert Markus eating stamppot with worst in Cafe Scheltema, 21 premiere Neske Beks Kids & Docs, 22 Ezra Edelman, O.J. Made in America, interviewed by Laura van Halsema

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