19 September 2022

September. Fresh start. We have so much to tell you. When you have 1, you want 2. So we started mint2. The office to be for everything not documentary. The site will be up soon. And on it the things we are working on.

mint2 is a Rotterdam-based production office for commissioned films and fiction. We feel responsible for proposing commentary on the social and cultural issues we think are urgent now. We are a small office that works closely with makers and clients to enable a strong creative process and keep a sharp eye on a good production process.

mint film office and mint2 actively contribute to an inclusive film sector in all aspects of the production of the documentaries and other projects we produce. We approach diversity comprehensively, acknowledging it is about cultural and ethnic background, gender, sexual orientation, age, and socio-economic and geographical location. mint is aware of the alarming gender inequalities in the film sector and the backlog of women before and behind the camera. We actively stimulate and support our directors to demand an equal and fair pay divide between the crew, think big, and strive for high budgets. We want to encourage awareness by thinking together with directors and crew about how our work can lend substance to diversity concerning research, production, and reaching new audiences.

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