15 March 2022

mint film office supports Meduza, one of the largest independent Russian news providers. We support them with a monthly fee that is billed annually. You can do the same for 8, 16 or 15 euro per month. This call for support is made by @degroeneamsterdammer and @followthemoney_nl, Dutch media that is for mint an ongoing source of information for knowledge, research of films, and fun. Russia is under military censorship. The authorities prohibit the press from calling this full-scale invasion of Ukraine a war, and they threaten journalists who publish independently verified information about the conflict with up to 15 years in prison. Since the outbreak of this war, transferring money from Russia to Europe has been impossible. We lost 30,000 donators. At the moment, we get no money from Russia at all. Meduza asks us to take the place of their dedicated supporters in Russia. Save Meduza for their Russian readers — and for us.

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