19 August 2021

Part of the heart of the progressive and leftist gay lib is also The Stonewall Uprising. Do watch The Death and Life of Martha P. Johnson by David France. As always, mint film is years behind on books, movies, and music, so we only saw this yesterday, but men, what a sad, confronting, and yet invigorating film this is. A stark and essential reminder that queer trans people, people of color, people of the streets formed the heart of the uprising. About the future, Baldwin says: “No one will have to call themselves gay. Maybe that’s at the bottom of my impatience with the term. It answers a false argument, a false accusation. Which is what? Which is that you have no right to be here, that you have to prove your right to be here. I’m saying I have nothing to prove. The world also belongs to me.” So we stand with Goldstein when he writes: “Progressives insist that the whole queer community (indeed, all people) must rise; that is their fundamental difference from the right - and it’s marked our movement from the start. The question is whether strivers will continue to identify with this larger agenda. It’s hard for hungry people to forgo a place at the table until others are invited to dine, but it’s possible.” #sylviarivera #richardgoldstein #theattackqueers #thedeathandlifeofmarshapjohnson #davidfrance #jamesbaldwin #insist #resist #persist

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