28 February 2024

So, for all makers and producers curious about how to get a good film trailer, there is a unique opportunity to see mint’s favorite trailer maker in action. This Thursday, 29 February, at 20:00 hours, the man of TRAILERMADE, Angelo Raaijmakers, will have a talk at MATLAB Eindhoven about his work.

TRAILERMADE did our We Margiela and ‘Now something is slowly changing’ trailers. We remember clearly when he sent us the Margiela cut, we were in total shock. It was completely different than the film. Quick-paced, with electronic music and snappy, while the film was 1000 hours long, slow with a lot of talking, serene, emotional, and meandering. It felt like an insult; how could he make such a superficial thing out of our intellectual film? We sent it around, and the trailer grew on us. It was a work on its own, capturing the emotion and the beauty in a completely autonomous way. Ultimately, the trailer is the same as his first cut, including the time codes on the screen. It is our most beloved trailer. Is it better than the film? That would be ridiculous, but we are open to discussing it.

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